2018 Vendor Rules and Regulations

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General Information

  • SummerFest is held at Prairie Ridge Middle School/Prairie Ridge Sports Complex, NW Ash Drive and Prairie Ridge Drive.
  • Previous vendors are given first opportunity to contract for the same space unless performance has been unsatisfactory. Because of the large number of requests for space and the large percentage of vendors who wish to return each year, we usually have limited space available to new applicants. Therefore it is usually May before space vacancies can be determined for new applicants.
  • The actual location of the vendor spaces are indicated on the map. The size of the standard (not within the Leisure Garden) rental space is 14’x14′.
  • If more space is needed to accommodate your booth, you can request to purchase an additional 14’x14′ space.
  • Vendors have the opportunity to request a specific location. On the application form is an area to mark three preferred locations. You will be assigned to the highest choice that is still available. Applying as soon as possible is pertinent.
  • If your application is accepted, you are sent a space offer, and the payment you made with your application will be processed.

Criteria for Selecting Vendors

  • Previous year’s vendors have first option to return if they have been satisfactory. Available space then goes to new applicants.
  • Important in selecting new vendors is the size of space available as opposed to size requested.
  • SummerFest strives for variety for the attendees so new and different items are preferred.
  • Vendors should be active rather than static. Actual demonstrations increase traffic.
  • The vendor should provide a good example of commerce for the community… reputable products presented in a wholesome, businesslike manner.